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Super Sativa Whole Body Balm is the perfect beauty balm for use on the whole body to cleanse, moisturize and condition all skin and hair. Use our premium, hemp based balm day and night, on the face, lips and outer eye area to condition, hydrate and soften fine lines and wrinkles. Soothe , hydrate and nourish all skin, including cheeks, noses, elbows, and feet. Smooths hair flyaways instantly. Swipe away makeup smudges.

A perfectly balanced, all-natural organic formula using the very finest  ingredients including nutrient-rich,  hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, organic cacao seed butter (cocoa butter), vitamin E., calendula and rosemary extracts and geranium EO. Super Sativa Whole Body Balm is a superior all-purpose balm with a multitude of uses.

For Healthy, hydrated, nourished skin and hair.  .56 oz. stick. Approx. 1000 swipe applications.